How to Make a Logo for Business and Corporate



March 21, 2020

How to Make a Logo for Business and Corporate

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March 21, 2020

Besides all other factors, the logo of your business might seem a minimal issue. Still, the logo of your company leaves a very crucial impact in the minds of the public. Whenever do you see the logo of a reputed company, the name of the company always pops up into your brain? Although they don’t have the company name written in the logo. So, the idea of the importance of the logo becomes pretty clear. If your logo is sufficient to leave an impact in the mind of the public, then it may help in the growth of your business as well. You can also consider the logo as your business’ face. It may seem to be fake, but 95% of the people notice the logo of your business before negotiating any transaction with your company or business. we also run our small business in Texas and serving people all around the world. In Texas, we have service for Logo design in Richmond, Logo design in Sugar land, Logo design in Katy.  Our logo design in Houston is the first effort to offer the best business logo in real quick. If your business logo is an eye-catcher, then your business will be able to convey a message of being trustworthy and user friendly to the audience.


Is it accurate to say that you are battling to design a logo that truly mirrors your image? Is it accurate to say that you are experiencing difficulty with making something that distils your organization character into a critical, unmistakable realistic design All things considered, you’re not the only one. Logos are straightforward, yet the appearance is frequently misleading. Since logos are typically the main presentation that your crowd will have with your company.

Our specialized graphic designers and experienced team members are trained to gather maximum information and understand all related information of business from client. This results in designing logo that is:

Here are a few tips to create stunning color harmony. The key color is the most

important and predominant color in the image.

Step 1: Choose the key color with right combination of hue brightness and saturation to set the tone and mood of your image. There are no absolute rules for color selection . The perception of color is dependent on how it is used in your visual.

Step 2: Once the key color is set , pick the other colors with the help of the color wheel and distribute the colors to create tension or harmony by controlling the proportion, saturation and brightness. Remember the warm and cool grays communicate with each other and blend better within the space while the highly saturated colors fight for the space.

Color theory is not only for painters or graphic designers it is very important for photographers and retouchers. Ideally need color concepts should be used right from the pre-production stage but even if not , retouchers can complement the subjects colors by pushing the neutral greys to its complementary tints and shades for better transitions .

Why local designer

There could be several reasons why someone might specifically look for a “logo designer near me” when planning a business logo:

  1. Face-to-face meetings: Collaborating with a local designer can allow for in-person meetings, which can often lead to better communication and understanding about the project. Discussing ideas and providing feedback face-to-face can be more effective and efficient.
  2. Local understanding: A local designer may have a better understanding of the culture, tastes, and trends in your area. They may also have a better understanding of your local competitors and the local market. This knowledge can help to create a logo that is more fitting and effective.
  3. Quick turnaround: Physical proximity can often mean a faster turnaround for edits and revisions, and it can make the process of getting the final files easier.
  4. Supporting local businesses: Hiring local talent is a great way to support your local economy. By doing so, you’re not just getting a service but also contributing to your community.
  5. Building long-term relationships: If you’re happy with their work, you might hire them again for future projects or updates. Over time, they will become more familiar with your brand and you will spend less time explaining your needs.

However, with the rise of digital communication and remote work, the need for a “near me” designer has lessened. You can collaborate effectively with a designer from anywhere in the world, as long as you have good communication methods in place. The important thing is to find a designer whose work you admire, who understands your vision, and who communicates well.



Get Idea About Color Scheme At a Glance

Here are some of the most important color schemes based on the traditional color wheel :


  1. Monochromatic colors come in shades of a single color they are created by adding white black or grey to a single hue to create multiple tints shades and tones
  2. Complementary colors live opposite to each other on the color wheel this color scheme can produce the maximum color contrast. Designers always do logo design in Illustrator  for best colour and resolution.
  3. Analogous colors light directly next to each other on the color wheel. Since the colors don’t have the contrast and tension of the complementary colors they create a calm viewing experience.
  4. Triadic colors uses mainly three evenly spaced color around the color wheel poducing the points of a triangle. For example red yellow and blue are triadic colors.
  5. Tetradic colours consists of two complementary pairs with their four colors forming a rectangle on the color wheel.
  6. Square color scheme has four complementary colors evenly spaced around the color wheel.
  7. Split complementary color scheme is made up of a key color and two colors adjacent to its adjacent to direct complementary.

As per Google recent information

Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. When used in the right ways, color can even save on energy consumption. 

More About Colors

Now before we even get into color grading or harmonies it is very important for you

to understand and distinguish the three characteristics of color hue saturation

and brightness a hue is a color in its purest state with full hundred percent saturation hue is generally what we referred to as the name of the color so red, orange blue and green these are all hues . Also did you notice the hues are labeled by degrees? This is because they correspond to their location on the circular color wheel. When you blend the spectrum of colors into a circle you join the red ends what you get is a color wheel. Hues can produce different colors when it’s tinted , shaded or toned. Adding white to a color is known as tinting. So any color that is lighter than the original hue would be its tint. Adding black to a color is known as shading. So we can get a variety of shades of a hue when mixed with increasing amounts of black. Adding gray to a color is known as toning, this is used to desaturate a hue. Saturation or chroma is the purity or intensity of the color and desaturation means a color is close to neutral gray. You can desaturate a color by mixing it with grey or it’s complementary color from the RGB color wheel . Brightness or value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. It is always recommended to work with company available as logo designer near me to make sure that they understand all the requirements. 

 Don’t Get Confused

Now don’t get confused  with luminosity or brightness. Luminosity is the perceived brightness of a color ranging from black to white on a gray scale. For example when you see the color yellow and blue at 100% brightness the yellow color seems brighter , this is because it appears to be closer to white, right? So if I open the color picker properties and choose the color yellow, you can see the brightness in the HSB section which stands for hue , saturation and brightness is 100 percent but the luminosity value as shown in the L or bightness of the L A B color mode is 98 and if I choose the blue color now with a hundred percent brightness the luminosity value is only 30. This is because our eyes perceive their brightness to be different which is shown in the luminosity. Take a look at the tonal values provided below each color even though they are at 100% brightness. And in the Photoshop color picker if I select the red hue and as I move it along it’s lighter tints, see how the saturation percentage decreases while the luminosity value goes on increasing and from the hue, if I move along the shades of red see how the brightness percentage is decreasing and also bringing the luminosity value down with it. So, the luminosity is controlled by both brightness and saturation of a hue.



Logo design is not as simple as we often think. Again it is not that much complex even. Just need time and passion. There are some company  who does  same day logo design  and again some company take time to do detail research. Depending on decision, any one can be reached for custom made logo. 



Choosing good color combination for custom logo design is as important as your business. It will really help in attracting customers to your brand. There are few tips to choose best color concept for your logo design.


The first most crucial thing in selecting color combination is your data. Look at the industry in which your client works. For example if your client is working in finance, you should use blue color because it represents trust and security.


Gender is an important factor to choose color combinations for your brand. If your brand is aimed at females, light colors will be the best combination.


Tone means that whether your brand is a serious or joyful. Bright colors like yellow, pink, red, purple and pink are used in entertainment brands while you should choose dull colors for serious brands.


It is categorized on the basis of cheap and luxurious company. Luxurious companies should use black, golden or silver. On the other hand cheap companies can use bright color combination.


It depicts what is the overall purpose of your company. For example, red is used for dangerous and harmful aspects. Orange represents friendly and cooperative brands. Green is used for natural and healthy. Blue is used for trust and security.


Custom Logo Design process is a process in which you follow sequential steps to design the best logo for your client or for your own company. There are few east steps that results in designing Custom Logo.


The initial step is to gather all the necessary details and requirements that best suits your Logo design. When your client gives detailed information about his website, ask multiple questions to avoid any ambiguity.

  •         What is your company’s name?
  •         In which niche you are dealing?
  •         What are your marketing goals?
  •         What is the objective of your company?
  •         What is the competitive advantage of your company?

You can make some other questions that came in your mind along with these.


When all the requirements are gathered and you know all information about your client’s company, start doing research. Researching different ideas and previous work will help you to understand competitors’ work. This is commonly known as competitor research. You think of an idea how your logo is distinguished from your competitors.

Designer research for different logos that are used in similar companies. This will help him and generate more beneficial ideas in his mind. You check for designs and color combinations of different logos.


After complete research of different logos and doing competitive analysis, next step is to brainstorm different designs that came in your mind. You make logo designs on the basis of information you gathered from the client and your research results. The best way is to make several sketches and choose best among them that suits your client’s business. The design should be relevant and represents the main objective of client’s company.


In this phase, you are almost in your final process. With the help of pencil and paper, draw the final logo which you think is the most relevant and attractive. Logo should be attractive and simple. Too much design patterns will make clutters and you will end up with nothing. Moreover, it should be more representing your company’s goal rather representing your company.


When you and your client is satisfied with the final product. Now, its time to draw that logo on computer. Use different software tools like Illustrator and Photoshop to give it digital transformation. Make sure that the colors you opted are clear in different screens such as laptop, tablet and smart phone.

Try your custom logo design in different formats such as business cards, letter heads and broacher for marketing purposes to check its clarity and visibility.


Deliver your work to your client and revise it according to the changes he asked. Your client can ask you for change in color combinations or he can ask to change line pattern etc.


Our company has special graphic designing team which not only make the best customized logo design for your company, but also help you to think in a broader perspective for your brand.

Many people are eager to design their custom logo, but they are confused to transform their vision into best possible Custom Logo Design.


Is it accurate to say that you are battling to design a logo that truly mirrors your image? Is it accurate to say that you are experiencing difficulty with making something that distils your organization character into a critical, unmistakable realistic design All things considered, you’re not the only one. Logos are straightforward, yet the appearance is frequently misleading. Since logos are typically the main presentation that your crowd will have with your company.

Our specialized graphic designers and experienced team members are trained to gather maximum information and understand all related information of business from client. This results in designing logo that is:

The factors to consider: 

The first thing you must keep in mind while creating a business logo is that the logo must be unique in its way so that it sticks to the mind of the public just in the first sight. It must be simple as well for being workable on multiple Media. Whether on a piece of paper, or a billboard, no matter whether the logo is black and white, or colourful, the logo should be striking. The detailing is the most crucial part when designing a logo. Shapes used, colours used, and fonts used in texts inside the logo should be chosen wisely because they give the logo a unique appearance. If your business is based on planning for parties, then the logo should have bright colours along with large and stylish fonts used in the logo.

Besides fonts, the images used in the making of a logo must be paid close attention. The fonts, shapes, colours and images used should be appropriate to what your business is about, and they must be conveying the idea about your business to the public. This is very important to gain the trust and attention of the people. Using images that do not sync with the idea that your business propagates might not deliver the right message to the audience, and it may cause the downfall of your company.


So the essential thing you need to keep in mind while designing the logo for your business is,

  • Use an appropriate font that transmits a proper message about your company
  • Use a proper combination of colours
  • Use images that give the correct idea about your company
  • Take care of the shapes used in the logo

For creating a good logo, take care of the points mentioned below:

Design: The very first step that needs to be taken care of before designing the logo is, having a clear idea, what the business is about, and what message does it want to convey to the public. Once this idea is clear to you, you will be able to start designing for your logo.

Research (If you are designing a logo for a different company): The second step for designing the logo is to find out about the history of the company, the competitors and the service that it provides to the people. This helps you in having a clear conception about what kind of a logo will be overall appropriate for the business or the company.


Imagination: This is the essential part of designing a logo. Use your imagination and your brain to think of all the possible ideas that the logo can consist of. Use of the proper combination of colours, fonts, images and shapes so that the logo becomes unique. It can gain the attention of the public and transmit an adequate message to them.


Sketching: After you have thought of the logo, design it. There are many programs available for designing logos nowadays. You can also use a pen and paper to create the basic structure of the logo before using a computer to develop the same.

Execution of design: After you have obtained a sketch of the logo in pen and paper, use a computer program for designing the logo correctly. Try using unique concepts for a logo design that can catch the attention of people in the very first sight.

Revision: Before using the logo, do take care of any changes that may be necessary. Discuss the logo with several other people associated with the business, and make any changes required.

Delivery: Once the logo is designed and revised, and any changes necessary have been made, you can finally use the logo for your business, or deliver it, as needed.

To design a logo yourself, you can either hire a graphic designer or learn logo and graphic designing yourself. Graphic designing is a trendy field at the present day, and graphic designers are at a very high demand. You can also find specific logo designing applications on the internet that offer you pre-installed images, shapes and fonts for use in your logo. However, the numbers of choices you have in case of these applications are minimal. If you have experience in graphic designing, then you will be able to design logos as you wish. The choices that you will be having will be vast. You can use any image, any font style and any shapes in the logo.

Helpful Tips

To avoid such scenarios, you need to follow the different tips laid out here in this article. Most of these tips are not necessary to design tips but I can assure you that it would help define how you would build amazing logos for your client (either boss or the wall street executive or coffee shop owner). This article is helpful for both client and designer. If the client can understand what it needs, it gives the designer less work to do in terms of knowing what fits.


  • Planning

You must plan before you start the whole design process. The process is often with the client. In this process, a full understanding is gained about the brand – audience, service provided, area, company type, etc. Branding understanding would help in user research (often related to User Experience). You need to remember that the logo is often the first point of contact with the business. Ask different questions such as

  1. What exactly are my business goals?
  2. Determine your budget (never overestimate or underestimate, be precise)?
  3. How do you expect for the development?
  4. What’s on the ground, and what’s the goal or features coming in the future?
  5. What message do you want to pass?

Allow the client to complete express himself. From his words, you would find exactly what you are looking. He might say something like, ‘I want my logo to show that we are there for them from start to finish.’ From that, you get an idea of what he or she wants. Now, you can consider yourself the ‘owner’ of the business. If anything seems unclear, ask questions.


  • Inspiration and the Bigger Picture

Now that you understand what the client needs, you need to find where you can get ideas from. If it is a coffee shop business, why not look up coffee shops online or go to one. Find inspiration from the intending users, if you can access to certain people who might be possible users, ask them questions about what they think about a coffee shop brand or a meat brand. Don’t just pick up your graphic pad and design away. It won’t work in most scenarios. Additionally, know the users and think like them. It helps with inspiration.


  • Select a design style and logotype.

Different companies or businesses often automatically fall under a certain logotype or design style. Different types such as wordmark, letterforms, emblem, pictorial, abstract, mascot, the combination mark. Oftentimes, a coffee shop would have an emblem or combination mark, choose one. A style could be minimalistic or retro or classic, whichever it is, choose one. One would say, I can’t pick one. Ok then pick whatever combination or mix and stick with it from the start.


  • Generate a lot of ideas

Don’t just go with the first thing that comes to mind. Logo designing isn’t about a light bulb suddenly switching on in your head. It involves a lot of iterations, hypotheses, trials. It involves a lot of rough sketch on paper or wherever. Just don’t go with the first thing. Get confused, and try understanding why one iteration works and the other doesn’t. Oftentimes, it ends up being an eye-opener.


  • Pay attention to colour and typography

Within certain designs, certain typography just doesn’t fit. If it doesn’t fit, simply press that del key, it would save you a lot of stress. The same goes with colour.


  • Always look at the competition

See what they are doing right, and draw ideas. It helps with inspiration. Do thorough research on what font, colours, symbols they use. Check for trends within the business’s niche.


  • Be critical and have a good feedback system

It is important to be very critical and judgemental about your work, obviously not to the point of hate, but to the point where you see the flaws and mistakes. Good feedback would do a lot of help instead of getting it when the logo is live already.


  • Are you done? Try new thing

Once you finish, fresh ideas might come. It isn’t bad to try them. If you haven’t discussed it with the business owner, you want to try to have it in visuals rather than words. He might not have thought of it, and when he sees it like it. Always give room for more. That additional detail might be it.



  • Think Big

Think Now, Think Tomorrow, Think Future. This should be your mantra. You must look at the scalability of your logo. How would it look on billboards? How would it look on screen? Also, think 10 years from now. Create a robust artwork.


What issues are to be considered when designing

During any design process, different problems or issues might arise, graphic designers must know some of them and know how to handle them.

  1. Bad Lines in the Logo – Within a logo artwork, every line or transition must be smooth, if it looks odd, removes it. If it has a simile bad curve, then remove it
  2. Improper alignment – don’t because of trying something new creates misalignment issues with your logo elements. You don’t want your font or circles to be a weird offset from the main elements.
  3. Missing font – When designing, you need to put the client in perspective, the font used for his or her logo doesn’t use the default fonts (custom fonts, font subscription) that come with certain design software. Therefore, you make sure you put the font file with the logo file to avoid such issues.
  4. Wrong file format – Depending on the medium that the logo is going to be used, it often safe to design for vector and raster. This would help avoid any unnecessary loss of quality.

At the end of the day, it is important to understand that logo design is more than just the pen tool or trace tool, it is about the background work and dealing with issues that can arise as well.


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