E-commerce business and the importance of presentation

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November 10, 2019

In this 21st century, most of the things that take place in our life happen through the internet and online/ digital marketing. E-commerce has widely taken over the market. This is a way of buying and selling things in an online platform. There are a lot of things that you can buy and sell, starting from salt to dresses to electronic devices and many more. Some of the examples of current online platforms that are used are Amazon, E- bay, Alibaba, Daraz and many more. If one has a proper and strong team, it is very easy to put up an e- commerce store in just a few minutes. E- commerce has its own advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages are:

  • It can be operated throughout the year.
  • The customers do not have to move here and there but find their desired products through online platform just from a click.

Some of the disadvantages can be:

  • The products that you are willing to buy cannot be tested and tried.
  • Some products might have shipping delivery issues as well as late deliveries.

Despite the disadvantages, e-commerce is definitely taking over in today’s world.


Graphics and visual representation are important parts of e-commerce. The way one presents the products in the online platform really matters. Technology has advanced and it has made lives easier and faster than before. There are many places such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many other applications and tools which can be used to give the products an amazing look. The content in one’s e- commerce website attracts the viewers and customers, thus, one needs to be careful about what they put up on their website. The trust and persuasion to the customers starts right from the website.


One must use consistent colors, texts, themes, and clear directions that must be presented in the e-commerce website. Visual representation of the images that one decides to put up is a crucial portion. The background of the images can be white but the part of the image that needs focus in that particular image should be clearly pictured and presented. A clear picture means the correct amount of brightness, contrast, shadows, sharpness and other basic needs a picture demands. Post the images from various angles and close-ups so that it is easy for the customers to know how the product actually looks like. This appeals to the person visiting one’s website and you can make a sale through just a picture. Graphics, as mentioned earlier, is a very powerful tool in the e-commerce business.

One can use videos, images, gifs and include information about the product which appears in the search engine easily and leads to one’s e-commerce website. The words and images that one uses in their page must contain simple and primary keywords and in this way, one’s website can be easily accessed. This way, many customers will reach the website and one will have a good sale of their products. While designing an online website, one must always remember that the first impression is the last impression. Also, it is a good practice to keep a comment and feedback section for the customers so that other customers on the website can trust the online market. Posting pictures of the customer’s enjoying the products that the website sold grabs the attention of the new customers.

If one wants to get more ideas on e-commerce, then one must visit the websites of other online markets. One can always design and let their own creativity out in this field. In the popular online businesses of today, we can see that their graphics and presentation is very well done. Tools such as clipping path and retouch can be used in the images. The correct type of logo and a nice format should be used within the website. Some of the things such as jewelry, herbal products, and other fashion products must contain the feedback section so that other customers know how the products that are put up actually are. E-commerce is mostly about customer’s satisfaction and it is very important to be a successful e- commerce hub. Customers also do not like to see advertisements being popped up in the middle. Thus, one must always try to minimize the advertisements in their e- commerce website.


            In a nutshell, e- commerce has become an important part of our everyday lives. Everyone is looking for a good service. Thus, this should be kept in mind and things like presentation, graphics, theme, logo, website design, products and delivery services must be handled in a good manner. A good team and teamwork is an essential part of an e-commerce business and for the success.

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