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Custom Logo Design for Moving Businesses

Elevate a moving business with a unique logo that captures the essence of the brand. We craft unique concepts for moving company logos tailored to your brand, refine them based on your feedback, and deliver the final design in multiple formats ( jpg, png, ai, eps, pdf etc.) for you to use anywhere.  Same-day logo design service at no upfront charge. You’ll own the rights to your brand-new logo outright, making it yours to use on stickers, decals, websites, and more – anything you need to get your business moving!

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Moving on a Budget? Get a Moving Company Logo That Delivers

Skip the search and land the perfect logo for your moving or courier company. We specialize in creating fast, affordable, highly customized logos that capture your brand’s unique personality. Our experienced designers will craft multiple logo concepts tailored to you, ensuring your logo stands out. In just one day, you’ll have a logo that reflects your company’s spirit and propels your business forward. Custom-made moving company logo within $100 to $200, whether it is plain, 2D,3D, or mascot. 

Stop searching; start standing out. Get your free logo concepts today!

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Ready for Every Use

High-Resolution Logo for Moving & Transportation Logos

Whether you want to brand your construction service or equipment, advertise on the web, or create promotional merchandise, we’ve got you covered. Our logos are delivered in a range of high-resolution digital formats, in JPG, PNG, AI etc, making them ideal for all types of moving company including :

  • Local Moving Companies
  • Interstate Moving Companies
  • International Moving Companies
  • Commercial Moving Companies
  • Piano Movers
  • Art and Antiques Movers
  • Freight Trucking Companies
  • Air Freight Companies
  • Rail Freight Companies
  • Shipping Companies
  • Express Couriers
  • Postal Services
  • Auto Transport Companies
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Companies
  • Pet Relocation Services
  • Medical Transport Services

Multiple Options

5 custom-designed concepts are available in 3-4 hours. Review + Revisions based on Feedback for the best one.

Complete Satisfcation

Make payment once for the moving  logo is approved after all revisions. No charges if you don’t like our design.

Multiple Usages

The Moving logo is delivered in Multiple formats – JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, PSD, SVG to use all marketing and printing as well as social media or website.

Recent Portfolio

Transportation Company Logos Ideas and Inspirations Recent Portfolio.


We Are Building Brand Reputation With Our Satisfied Customer Reviews.


…We went through 10 different designs before I found one that I really liked. We then went through another 10 edits on that design to come up with the finished product…. Phenomenal customer service! … 5+ stars!!” 


This company brought my vision to LIFE! I was very pleased with the quick turnaround, responsiveness, and affordable price for the completion of my company logo design. I highly recommend them….!


I received a response immediately. They are very professional and provided excellent customer service. My logo was completed in a timely manner and they were available to answer all of my questions…


The designer was very Fast and ON POINT with my many requests! I highly recommend him. 10 Stars if I could. Very Affordable and Local, which is a major plus!! Definitely have a New loyal customer…             


I contacted the site and in less than an hour, I had a call from the company. I was unable to talk at that time so I communicated via text. The representative was responsive and attentive…………….


I am very pleased with my 2 logos from this company! They are very easy to work with and will get your logo’s done in less than 24 hours…




Awesome people. Probably the least headache of starting my business. Very helpful in the process…!!




This company was very attentive and respond in a timely manner. Did my moving logo. The customer service was excellent as well as the quality of the work. I recommend this company to everyone.



This was the most responsive company I have ever dealt with. Great customer service and quality product.


This is my second time using Logo in Hours. I am starting my own business and this company has helped me all the way. From getting a logo, to a website, to business cards, they have done everything. … I highly recommend them. – Golden.

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Additional Services

Ready to Move Your Brand Forward?

Don’t settle for a generic logo that blends into the crowd. At Logo In Hours, we understand the importance of a strong brand identity, especially in the competitive moving industry. We offer a streamlined process that delivers fast, affordable, and customized logos that capture your company’s unique spirit. Within 24 hours, you’ll have a logo that looks great and resonates with your target audience. Stop wasting time searching for inspiration – let our experienced designers create a logo that perfectly represents your moving company.

Contact Logo In Hours today for a free quote and get your move started!


Moving Company Logo Design FAQs

Q: Can I really get a logo designed in just one day?

A: Absolutely! We understand the fast-paced nature of the moving industry. That’s why we specialize in creating high-quality logo concepts within 24 hours.

Q: Do you offer copyright support?

A: Yes! When you choose Logo In Hours, you’ll receive full ownership of your final logo design. This means you can use it freely on any marketing materials, uniforms, vehicles, or online platforms for years to come.

Q: Are your designers skilled in creating moving company logos?

A: We have a team of highly skilled and experienced designers who understand the unique needs of the moving industry. We’ll create logo concepts that are not only visually appealing but also effectively capture the essence of your moving company.

Q: What if I don’t like the initial concepts?

A: No problem! We offer multiple design revisions to ensure you get a logo that you love. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Q: Should I trademark my new moving company logo?

A: While we don’t provide legal advice, many companies choose to trademark their logos for added protection. A trademark prevents competitors from using confusingly similar logos that could mislead customers. Copyright protects the original artistic design of your logo, but a trademark protects its use in the marketplace.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Copyright: Protects the creative expression of your logo (the design itself).
  • Trademark: Protects how your logo is used to identify your brand.

Trademark infringement occurs when a competitor uses a logo too similar to yours, potentially causing confusion among customers. This can damage your brand reputation. We recommend consulting with an intellectual property attorney if you’re considering trademarking your logo.

We highly recommend doing copyrighting of the submitted logo design  ( and/or seeking a trademark (, for the best protection of your design and commercial use without any issue