Concept, development, and design for Fashion Designer Logo design: A case study

Every logo design starts with a initial discussion, what a client wants, what is his/ her chosen color or concept. How he/she want to see the dream logo once finalised. This case will give you an idea in detail so that you can move forward with us for your logo.




After a discussion over the phone, we have requested this respected client to provide his detailed thinking by email at He/she was from Houston, TX. She wanted to do real quick and text us her dream design idea. Asked us to make our designs and some similar to her drawing also-



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April 5, 2020

What was the challenges in this logo design

01.  Idea was creative

02. The client made own hands free drawing

03. We given some concept but the client wanted to stand on her design






01. Time required to finalise the logo : 1.5 days. 

02. Initail Logo concept designed based on clients idea within 2 hours.

03. Client requested for revisions : 11 times

04. Clients given revisions on small issues like font, colour, alignment, spacing etc.


Have provided the following first logo concept to clients based on hand scatch provided by the clients





Given several concepts based on the client chosen design from our initial concept. All we did in Adobe illustrator. All done through text messages, so that client can do her work and see the developments also at the same time. 



Came to close to clients dream logo



Some more edit to come close to final



Finalized LOGO

Dear Ms. Marquita Mason,

This refers to our several discussions Please find attached files for your logo, which includes PNG and AI file for the selected logo for with slogan and without slogan.

If you need any further graphics related service, please let us know.Indeed, we do appreciate for your business and looking forward to work for you in
future. You can visit for website design if you need..


Thanks and best regards,
24/7: 832-736-7335



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