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The clothing line is one of the complex lines of business and its logo needs to be ready for branding. Therefore, when an issue comes to designing a logo for a clothing brand or designing any pattern for a clothing line, uniqueness and creativity are a must. Multiple designer concepts are provided for your logo which will give options to find the best one. A flat price will help you to get the best logo within your affordability. Well research on products, men or women line or whether it is for kids. Colors and types of logo perfect for your brand etc. all these come under first priority when we are assigned to develop the concept for the clothing brand logo. We will develop concepts for clothing logo or pattern within a couple of hours, indeed based on the logo vision shared with us. We pride ourselves on my creativity, quality of work, & passion for design. 100% Unique and creative design and 100% customer satisfaction with NO Advance payment.

Multiple Options

5 custom-designed concepts are available in 3-4 hours, based on the logo vision, to select the best one for revisions.

No Upfront Charge

Make payment once the logo for the transportation or Logo for Clothing company is approved after all revisions. No charges if you don’t like our design.

Multiple Usages

The Logo for Clothing logo is delivered in Multiple formats – JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, PSD, SVG to use all marketing and printing as well as social media or website.

Complete Ownership

Logo In Hours LLC will transfer complete ownership for the Logo for Clothing company logo, once approved and delivered to the user for commercial usage. 

Transportation/ Logistics Logo.

Multiple Formats of  Custom Designed Logo for Clothing Company Logo for Branding.

Logo for Clothing the company logo is the first step when planning for the transportation/ logistics/ Logo for Clothing business.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are used for designing a high-resolution Logo for Clothing company logo. Deliverable files will include JPG, PNG- Transparent, PDF, AI- Vector/ PSD, EPS, SVG, DST(if ordered) formats to meet to use at Stickers, Decals, T-Shirt, Business Card, Magnets, Social Media, Clothing Lines, Brochure, Flyer and more.

Custom Logo Design.

Logo for Clothing Brand with Creative Ideas.

Recent Works

Transportation Company Logos Ideas and Inspirations: Recent Portfolio.


We Are Building Brand Reputation With Our Satisfied Customer Reviews.


…We went through 10 different designs before I found one that I really liked. We then went through another 10 edits on that design to come up with the finished product…. Phenomenal customer service! … 5+ stars!!” 


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Transforming Vision Into High-Resolution  Logo for Clothing company logo in Flat, 2D, 3D Forms. 


Logo in Hours LLC will conduct extensive research into the company, including the industry, target audience, and competitors, in order to create innovative custom logo concepts. With the assistance of our professional graphic designers, the logo will be able to communicate to the audience, customers, fans, and competitors that the company is serious about doing business. There is no standard answer to the question of what design the Logo for Clothing company logo should have, but we will design the logo while keeping in mind the message that our client wishes to convey through the logo when creating it in an affordable price.

Our team will create a logo that will aid in the communication of personality to the target audience. That is one of the characteristics that distinguishes a well-designed logo as a powerful brand ambassador. A well-designed custom logo will help our clients’ Logo for Clothing company express their business vision and reach their intended customers. It actually transforms the vision of a company into digital format.

Why Logo In Hours For Clothing Line Logo Design

Are you starting out with your urban clothing brand? Do you have the ambition to launch the next streetwear sensation like Off White? Maybe you want to help people with quality affordable clothing? 

✔ Unlimited revisions with EXTRA FAST DELIVERY (24 hours).
✔ You can have Files. (AI, EPS, PSD,PDF,JPG,PNG).
✔ I will provide you Source file, Vector formats,Transparent files.
✔ Premium Customer Service and communication.
✔ You can have full COPYRIGHTS and 3D MOCK UP on the logo that I will produce for you.
✔ 100% Guaranteed or your MONEY BACK if not satisfied!!!

Are you Looking for a PROFESSIONAL and HIGH-QUALITY clothing line, fashion, luxury logo for your business?


Transforming vision into a unique and memorable Custom Logos for the clothing line is our expertise. We start from scratch with your logo. Develop the drawing ideas, then see how it comes when given at Photoshop and adobe illustrator to turn into different looks for the logo. That comes in High Resolutions Files (AI,PDF,EPS,SVG,JPG,PNG,PSD etc)

Therefore, we need a clear explanation for your vision. If anything comes up in your mind or if you want to incorporate anything into your logo design, please explain to us in detail. As we will work based on your explanation. You will text us or explain us over the phone or email us the vision. Our job is to transform the vision or explanation into logo options.

  • Logo trace with size. Embellishment details and size specifications.  Main label.  Size Label. Hang Tag. Will arrange pages according to your need
  • Unlimited revisions

Easy Steps

Business Branding By Custom Designed Logo for Clothing Company Logo.

Banner, Business card, Social Media Banner, Flyer, Post card, Website, T-Shirt, Hats, Magnet and more……


When it comes to logo design, the actual process begins with discovery and progresses through research and brainstorming, followed by sketching logos, designing those logo ideas, presenting them to the client, and preparing final deliverables.

  • Our team researches the industry to come out with the best custom logo design
  • The team will then create sketches of the most promising ideas from the brainstorming session
  • Once our designers are satisfied with our sketches, we transfer them to the digital realm for final editing and production.
  • Our customers will have the opportunity to see the final product once the designs have been refined to perfection.

Things to Know

Factors To Be Considered While Designing Custom Logo for Logo for Clothing Company.

Color: In terms of color, the entire spectrum is gets covered by the logo. While considering color for a logo, we should consider our accessories and clothing to follow our inspiration. We can choose one or two colors that reflect our style.


Symbol: this feature is an optional yet great way to add fashionable flair to the clothing logo. However, the sign has to go with the type of clothing line we are offering. The symbol might be cute, but it won’t make any sense if we are selling men’s attire. The symbol has to complement other elements of the logo and fit well in the smallest clothing tag.

Layout: A perfect clothing logo is versatile and looks well stitched on the beautiful clothes of any design. We can switch between physical and digital mediums with ease by gaining flexibility, which can be possible by keeping our logo simple. To scale more efficiently, we can choose a clean and straightforward layout. We can also give different logo variations a try to create the same look.

The color scheme is an essential part of graphic design as every color has different meanings. So the paint has to be chosen carefully to convey the message the company wants to tell. The logo should also be able to express the type of the business.

Fonts: We can choose any font as long as it conveys the business idea and overall concept. The font has to be clear and readable easily. So that if a person passes by, they can read it all, and the exciting logo will rest. However, apparel comes in all sizes and shapes but depends on the type of the business. The fonts can also be chosen for target customers. For example, stylish fonts can be used for companies focused on women’s fashion, and for men’s fashion more decent font can be chosen.


Area Coverage

Copyright/ Trademark To Protect Logistics or Logo for Clothing Company Logo.

The Privacy Note Applicable for any purchase or usage of our service when designing logos in Phoenix, TX by our designers. You may do copyright the logo design ( and/or seek a trademark ( If you need work on it while doing copyright/ trademark, please let us know, we will do the edit if you want to do any changes to it. No storefront service is available. We will start designing initial custom concepts just after you share your vision and business name or you share your design or sketch. 

Copyright Application Link-

Choosing the right Options for Logo for Clothing Logo From Possible Alternative Options.

The ideal logo should be straightforward and distinctive, with a strong brand identity and design. Additionally, it should be adaptable for use both offline and online.

The Simplest Solution

Professional designers are aware of this, and its excellent advice. We Maintain simplicity. It’s straightforward to go overboard and include a variety of colors and numerous icons, each with its own deep meaning or symbolism, or simply for their aesthetic value. However, simplicity results in excellent logo, one that is unforgettable, simple to understand, and visually appealing.

Color Psychology

Our choice of colors will have a significant impact on the design of the logo. It will create an atmosphere, and depending on the colors our customers choose, it will convey a message to the target audience.



There is a distinct “personality” to each type of font, and each of these personalities will elicit a specific set of emotions from the target audience. Our firm believes that it is critical to select a typeface that has the personal style that best works for our business; however, in order to do so, we must first gain insight into the mindset of the ideal customer.


It is likely that a logo will be utilized in more places than our customers anticipate. On social networking sites, business cards, email signatures, t-shirts, and even a huge outdoor advertising, the logo must be eye-catching in order to be accepted. We make certain that the logo can be scaled up and down without compromising the overall quality or legibility of the design from the beginning of the process.

Establishing Identity

Do & Don’t Items While Designing Clothing Line Logo. 


Try to be creative:  If you want to have a unique logo, it goes without saying that it has to be excellent. Brands saturate the world, so the steps that will allow a differentiated brand are more than welcome.

Be original: An undeniable and actual fact is, people want to copy other brand logos. Let’s not follow this road while making one for the company and try to make a different one inspired by your style and taste.

Keep the colors in mind: Although choosing the right color palette can be challenging, a simple tip can make it easier for you. Research color psychology and know the meanings of each color, therefore combining it with your business type, and you are ready to go!

Draw on paper: We understand you are not an expert! But still, try to sketch some shapes and symbols in your head whenever you think of your business. You don’t have to show it directly to the designer if you don’t want to, but it will surely help you explain what type of logo you expect.


Don’t complicate it: We have already stated this fact, but it’s worth repeating. A complicated logo is hard to remember and hard to replicate. So better avoid making it more convoluted.


Rush the process: Making a good logo takes time. It can be even a month until you get a worthy one. So don’t rush the process, or you might miss the chance to have a perfect logo and end up with one your company does not deserve.

Don’t forget to trademark it: ignoring this task can lead all your hard work to nowhere. After getting your preferred perfect logo, it’s time to protect it before someone copies your ideas. So don’t wait and go for the trademarking process.

Don’t redesign it: you might get tired of having the logo for a long time; redesigning it might negatively affect your business. If your company is popular enough, then you might take the risk. Otherwise, you might end up confusing and losing potential customers.


Don’t follow the flimsy trends:

Flimsy trends have temporary effects on things. The logo might look trendy for some time, but over time when the trend fades away, the logo will look outdated. And a logo is not something you want to change over and over.


A logo is an essential element of your business. It gives the company an identity, and you can do low-cost marketing at the same time. Choosing a clothing line logo can be challenging, but things will a lot easier by following some steps before you invest in this part.

Questions That May Come While Logo Decisions Are Taken.
Why Our Service
We are doing professional graphics work with many years of experience on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Now we are here to utilize our professional experience and skills to serve the world with excellence, honesty, and good friendly communication.
Our first precedency from last three years is to make our client 100% satisfied and cheerful with our work.
Eye Catching logos in HIGH RESOLUTION Comes in
✔ Unlimited revisions with EXTRA FAST DELIVERY (24 hours).
✔ You can have Files. (AI, EPS, PSD,PDF,JPG,PNG).
✔ I will provide you Source file, Vector formats,Transparent files.
✔ Premium Customer Service and communication.
✔ You can have full COPYRIGHTS and 3D MOCK UP on the logo that I will produce for you.
✔ 100% Guaranteed or your MONEY BACK if not satisfied!!!


Resolution of LOGO

A logo massively affects the impression of your company in Phoenix, so it’s critical to keep it looking fresh. When you leave on your marking venture, you might be pondering, “What size should my logo be? Hence it is important that when planning custom logos, you ought to be very much aware of what logo resolution and size you ought to utilize. The standard size of a logo relies upon the platform you’re transferring it to. For instance, a YouTube profile photograph is 800 pixels x 800 pixels, though a logo for a site or email signature generally has a maximum size of 100 pixels. Having simple and easy to-resize PNG and vector files will assist you with adjusting your logo appropriately. To guarantee that your logo works whatever the medium may be, the logo size guidelines list is always available on the internet.

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Custom Logo Design.

Clothing Brand Logo Comes in Multiple Formats.