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Our mission is to bring the price for a custom logo design within a reasonable limit.

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For Instant Logo, you will select the code/ SL No and we will make the same as per your company name/ slogan and colours. For Premium LOGO, you need to send us the brief together with the name will be used.  Exact Logo Wording / Business Name and Tagline / Slogan (optional). The message, which should be communicated through your Logo? Any Preferred design or concept…..and more information. 
We will introduce you the custom made business logo concept(s) within 1-3 days at the most.
If you don’t like it “unlimited revisions with common sense” session start. You will provide feedback we will revise and/or redesign accordingly until you are totally satisfied with it.
That’s it! 🙂

What is included in Social Media Kit?

Cover photos and thumbnails for three social media accounts of your choice e.g Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.. 

What is vector format?

It is a sector standart in designing logos. It provides flexibility and quality advantage in resizing the logo image without any quality loss. You can change the size of your logo into any dimension and it still will look nice and crisp. Designing logos in Photoshop is not the sector standard.

What does the Stationery Designs extra include?

Print-ready and text editable: double sided business card and letterhead. If you need only one of the Stationery pieces – please contact me and I will provide you with a custom quote.

Any Logo Modification, how long it takes?

Any Modification delivery time will be 12 to 24 hours.

What is a simple logo?

  • People can easily remember color scheme used in the Logo
  • Almost like a simple so that Customers can instantly recognize

Do you keep the same logo at website if sold?

  • Once any logo is sold, we don’t keep the same file at our Website.

What is “revisions”?

A revision is a modification of the submitted design and refers to the font, color, the arrangement of elements etc. A revision does not mean a brand new design. A revision is a modification of the submitted design and refers to the font, color, the arrangement of elements etc. .

What is one-month free support and how does it work?

If you feel like the colors need to change and/or some minor tweaks required within 30 days after the delivery you contact us through your account here. We will take care of the issue and redeliver your file(s) here.

Why working with us is matter of “Piece of mind!”?

We deliver you the package for each logo and give you 1-month free support for color changes and other minor tweaks.

What if I don’t like designs in the first draft?

Then no worries, We will gladly re-design the logos for you, include new options for you to choose from

What is the Advantage for Custom made business logo design in Vector format?

No “copy-paste from the internet” stuff. That means you can resize and use it in all media types without any quality loss.

Features of Premium LOGO

All Premium logos are original vector LOGO. Convertible to any size without the loss of quality. Highest Quality files: JPG, GIF, PNG, AI etc.

What is a complex logo?

  • Combination of different elements 
  • Examples –Starbucks, Heineken Beers.
  • The complexity of the design
  • Customers may ask for different types of logo for a single company.
  • It can include text and images as well
  • Requires to make extra marketing efforts to express the meanin