1. Some of the most common colors that the famous brands in the world have used are blue, green, red, yellow, black, silver and gold. It would be nice if the one who is designing could work around these colors as well. 
  2. The logo looks simple yet attractive if one can minimize the use of color, which means not more than two colors in the logo would make it look better. Some of the examples of the brands that are popular are of Nike, Coca- Cola, Pepsi, Oreo, Adidas and there are many more.
  3. One should decide if they want to use the text in their logo or just want the logo to look like a symbol, or both in their logo. Most people tend to combine both the texts and the symbol in their logo. 
  4. Colors that give positive vibe and goes with the text of the logo would be a peace for the eye. 
  5. If one is a new logo designer or working for a new brand, then it is definitely not fine to take risks and play with different colors. 
  6. Always make sure that the color and the texts are not affecting any kind of culture or people.
  7. Best logo designs can help one a lot in promoting and marketing and also with the attraction of people.