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We Design Custom Logo for Your Moving Company within Hours It comes with Unlimited Revisions from Multiple Designers but at a flat rate which is within the budget of any small business owners. We make the logo for your Business Card, Poster, Banner, Website and More…

Custom Designed Logo for Moving Companies by Professional Graphic Designers

We Design Custom Logo for Moving Company. Choose your Logo from multiple designers concepts at a flat price. Enjoy unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with your moving company logo. You will make payment by Zelle, Cash App, Paypal or Bank Deposit only once you review our designers’ logos, get all revisions done and approve the final one.  Once you are in contact with us and share your vision, our designers start your project right away.


Φ Multiple designers & multiple logo concepts.
Φ No upfront payment. Pay once design reviewed & approved.
Φ Unlimited revisions.
Φ Fastest delivery. Share logo vision, get concepts within three hours.
Φ Full-time smart customer support.
Φ Approve designers logo from multiple options at a flat price.

Φ Unique Logo for Business card, flyer, Social media, Website, T-Shirt & More with lifetime access for JPG, PNG, AI, EPS-VECTOR files.

moving company logo

We Convert Your Logo Story Into Image with Software Illustrator for your moving company.

High Resolution Custom Logo to use in Business Card, Brochure, Banner, T-Shirt, Website

“Phenomenal customer service! Very creative designers that take your idea and turn it into reality. 5+ stars!!” – Alan Solorzano, Houston TX
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Multiple Designs from Multiple Designers



Logo delivered with ownership at different formats-

I) JPG, PNG both for website;

II) AI, EPS/ Vector or Source file for Logo to use in Business Card, Poster, Banner, T-Shirt or any other purpose.

We want to design that logo for you which will always give the feeling for proudness and recommend our name to others as the referral. We want to grow with your referrals only.  Share us with your vision, mission, how you want to see your dream logo for your moving company. Our number of designers will start the design just after having your thinking. Will draw you thinking to convert into the custom logo. We don’t charge upfront and we try maximum to make you’re satisfied whatever time required. As you want to see you moving company business card is placed with our logo.


Pay once you are satisfied with our custom-designed logo!

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Experience the exception in Logo Making in Houston for  Business Card, Flyer,  Website, T-Shirt and Banner

Logo Design Service with  “NO DEPOSIT

Just Share Vision or Logo Requirements

Creative Logo Design

Getting Started For Logo Design is as Easy as 1 2 3 

High Resolution & Fully Editable Files 


Requirements, concept, colours


We sketch your logo until you approve


Logo + Source File + 100% satisfaction

Custom Logo in Houston within 24 Hours Turnaround Time

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Unlimited Revisions until you say like ‘love it‘ or ‘wow‘. 

moving company logo


If you looking for the best affordable designer for your moving company logo then you are in the right place. We are well experienced in designing logos for moving companies. Need business name, any slogan to design the unique concept for your moving company. It often comes with the image and these images are chosen based on the nature of business. The local moving company often looks for custom design logos at affordable prices. We have always special for small business owners.

Whenever we design any logo, we deliver the same by email with JPG, PNG, and AI files. AI files are done in Adobe Illustrator, the updated logo designing tool. AI files is also known as the source file. The source file is required for the future in case you need to use it for any printing industry like making a T-Shirt. You can make any size with this logo source file. We often do small edit free but you will have to provide this source file. PNG file we give for your business card or website. In the website, if the header colour is red then transparent logo fit nicely or any other background colours.

Logo in Hours is experienced in designing Moving company logos. We are serving for Houston, Dallas, Austin, Elpaso, Phoenix, Atlanta, TX with hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the USA. Often people know us as Houston logo design company. We never charge advance.

Logo Includes Following Features, that You Will Love

Professionally designed logo

Logo from Multiple Designers

Multiple Logos in Hours

Unlimited Revisions

Full Ownership

Custom Logo within Today

High Resolution Logo

Free Edit

Best Logo Features For Moving Company Custom Logo

Peace of mind | We Will design the Best Custom Logo for Your Business and You are Owners for Your Logo

LIVE and Online Support| Custom Logo Design Follows Number of Steps, Requires Research and Efforts to Turn the Real Concept into Design.

24/7 Availability | We are Local Logo Design Company in USA. We Never Use Tamplet or Design. We Craft Logo from Scratch.

Award Winning Service | You Will Love Your Logo as We will Try to Make It Nice Until You Tell WOW

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Common Concerns While Thinking for Moving Company Logo-

Every company or brand needs to be marketed for its progress. If your company is moving and you don’t have a logo, then it will be very difficult for you to promote your company. A moving company needs a logo for branding. A logo is a graphical text or image which you need to make your identity. You company logo will help your customer to understand the purpose of your company. It helps to differentiate you from your competitors and make your value. 


Our specialized graphic designers and logo makers have experience in designing a variety of logos including moving company logo. They follow each rule of logo designing such as color scheme, texture, gender, tone, and psychology, etc. to make your logo worthy for your company. LOGO-IN-HOURS can make you a logo that will have a competitive advantage over others. Our team will make a company logo that represents the main aim, and purpose of your moving company using graphics and images. Good customers always attract to your company by viewing your logo. 


We make logos for moving companies by following a few important steps. LOGO-IN-HOURS goes step by step to ensure the best logo for a moving company. Ignoring these steps during the design procedure will affect the nature of our design. Inspect your logo design and see whether it meets these measures.

 A fast test to decide whether your logo is conspicuous enough is to rearrange it utilizing any software and check whether we can in any case perceive the brand. Moreover, we reflect the logo in the mirror and check whether it’s effectively viewed in this state or not. Moreover, we make a point that it’s obvious from any bearing before submitting it to our customer. We make a point to see our logo design from all edges and guarantees.

Moving company Logo Idea

Moving company Logo Idea

Moving company Logo Idea

Moving company Logo IDea

We Can Design Your Business Card, Banner, T-Shirt and Website

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How We Make a Unique Logo for Your Moving Logo-

These are points that we keep in mind when we design the moving company logo:

  • We make sketches using pencil and paper to give a rough idea to the company. In this way, customers can get the idea of what he demands and what is going to be designed.
  • We always try to make the moving company logo that is best viewed. Colors should not be distorted if the logo is printed on a big banner or newspaper.
  • Use good color combinations according to the nature of the moving company. We focus that colors should not irritate the viewer and that’s why we prefer light and warm color palette. 
  • The moving company logo may look like in black and white contrast and greyscale.
  • The design of the moving logo should suit the nature and main purpose of the company. For example, light colors should not be used in security and dangerous companies.
  • Fonts and sizes matter a lot. The most commonly used fonts are sans serif, comic sans, and Calibri.
  • Displaying the main objective is the most important.
  • We try different color combinations, textures, typography, and font to make your company distinguished form your competitors.
  • We prefer to make a simple logo, because the simple logo of a company is easy to understand for viewers.

Colour Preference for Company Logo-

Always the choice of colors for any logo is very important to make the moving company logo attractive to viewers. Red, blue, gray, and yellow are the primary colors. If we combine 2 colors, it will give you a third color. This combination is known as a secondary color. 


If your company is associated with danger, red is used. It is also used for love, romance, excitement, and pleasure.


It is used for companies that represent children’s items. It is a warm and energetic color that depicts excitement.


Yellow mainly depicts friendship, love, care, obsession, and feelings associated with someone. It is the most attractive color.


Blue color represents calm, sky, and scenery. It is used in companies where we want to show trust, security, and humor.

In this way, many colors have their value and nature.

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We recommend you try our company (LOGO-IN-HOURS) for the most spectacular moving company logo design. Our specialized team members and affordable prices attract our customers to us. Within a few hours, your logo will be able to be part of your wonderful company. A couple of instances of this are the logos for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, and Nike. Only a brief look at any of these logos is all you have to perceive the brands. The way of making a well-known and unmistakable logo is to consolidate the entirety of the components such as size, style, shading, typography, and creativity.
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