Houston Designers for Branding and Printing

In Houston, our graphic designer’s team are designing the logo for the small and medium-sized organization. Considering the market condition,  competitors and budget, we design a logo for any business. Logos are placed at the business card, flyer, brochure, website, sign magnets etc. There are tons of marketing strategies that are built to help you stand out from the crowd. And you are the one who has to decide which one to choose to attract your customers. Following the trend is a good thing to consider while selecting the marketing strategies, but some traditional approaches can help you stand out and sell your products and services. One of them is print marketing.

When web marketing and digital seem the way forward, some companies are still standing out with their creative print marketing strategy.

When customers see a unique logo, expressing a delicate massage, or gives you the essence of the business, they usually remember it. The logo should be used on everything related to your business, such as the business cards, vehicles, presentation folders, and other materials used in your industry. A logo can be a powerful tool for your business, as it gives your business a ‘face’ that will help customers identify itself.



  • To give your business a complete look:

A well-rounded business package that includes marketing materials and graphics with a creative logo will surely give your business a more complete and established look. The printed materials with an innovative, good looking logo will express to the clients that you are committed to the company and the client.

  • Express a message and be memorable:

A well-designed logo with a message in it is merely unique and memorable. When people have your printed materials with a unique logo in it with a message, it will express the essence of your business and tell them the message you want to convey.

People do not remember everything unless they find something interesting. So please don’t ignore this fact, as it is an excellent strategy for branding.

  • You will get more branding opportunities:

If you see anything you have seen before, you will undoubtedly take a look at it twice, maybe try to remember where you have seen it. If you think carefully, this concept can be used in branding to help grow your business by making it memorable.


People are more comfortable with things that they are familiar with. So you can make your logo-friendly by printing on materials, such as business brochures, business cards, billboards’ and flyers. By looking twice if your customers remember the better service you offered, they might also become your potential customer.

How logo on printed materials helps you in branding:

  • Not all customers prefer digital media:

One of marketing’s core purposes is that a business has to be always customer-oriented if you want to be successful. The happier your customers are, the more comprehensive your ways get to grow your business. It’s essential to understand how your customers prefer to communicate.


Although the world is now very dependent on social media, digital advertising, web pages, digital content, and many other digital sources, not all people are always reliant on or liked to be communicated digitally. Some people want to read physical brochures and keep business cards to get across your business or brand.


    • Engage your customer:

    Just by seeing while scrolling on social media or webpages is not always enough to attract customers. Sometimes it even gets lost if they don’t save it anywhere or remember your company’s name.

    If you hand in some physical brochure or even a card, it helps to engage your customer more. As there is stuff to read about and they cannot just scroll it or lost between other pages. They are going to keep it somewhere and maybe use to contact you if they need you. At least they won’t forget you and the services you offer. Even if they do, all they have to do is going through the brochure again.

    • Customers will trust your business more:

    Printed material of any business with a logo tends to be more trustable than the web advertises. The clients take the company with printed materials more seriously. They don’t ignore the fact that you had to spend money on it. So they can rely on you and your business.


    Alongside your digital advertisement, your printed materials will get you both digital speed and printed credibility.

Facts to keep in mind while placing a logo on your business materials:

  • Make it understandable:

You have to choose the font style, the size, and the color very carefully. It has to be simple and big enough so that it is understandable. If the logo is not legible or hard to read, customers won’t bother to remember it or notice it.

  • Where to place your logo:

The logo has to be placed in such a corner or side where it is clearly visible and catches eyesight quickly.

  • What background color to choose:

The material on which you are using the logo has to create a contrast effect so that both colors do not mix up together and make it unclear or less visible.

  • Which logotype to choose:

Choose wisely according to your business type, taste, and the idea you want to express through your logo. You can select from monogram, wordmark, pictorial, abstract marks, and many more logotypes available.

  • Simplicity and proportion:

A simple logo is always more attractive and comfortable to remember than the detailed one. So try to keep it as simple as possible.


A business logo plays an essential part for your business, which cannot be denied. It can help you stand out from the many other companies, and in today’s competitive market, you cannot ignore this advantage but grab it. Logos printed on business materials makes it easier to reach customers in many ways. Make sure your logo on these materials are reflecting your brand coherently and more consistently.