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The corporate logo is our expertise area. Sr. designers are here to do research, analysis requirements, understand stakeholders’ requirements. We always prefer to provide prototype concepts prior to finalizing any corporate logo. In most of the cases, we have seen it comes very simple. Indeed, any simple logo design is the most complex part of any logo designer. We have the experience to do back and forth for more than 2 weeks for a corporate logo design. Trading business or shipping company logo or any small or large corporation logo, all depends on expectations and deliverables. Houston custom logo design group always dedicated to ensuring the best logo for your company.  

There are some necessary elements that should be kept in mind while designing an attractive brand logo, these factors include:


Prime Factors to Design Corporate or Brand Logo:

  • Competitiveness:

It is necessary to analyze competitors and then design a logo that can sustain and compete with other businesses in the market.

  • Message:

There should be a precise message that can deliver you quality service and motto to the viewers.

  • Unique Symbol:

A unique symbol will help you in distinguishing your business among many other logos and businesses.

  • Font Style:

A proper and easy to understand font style should be used to deliver your message. It should be simple and attractive at the same time.


Mostly Used Colours for Brand Logo:

Research shows that almost 90% of the brand uses two colours in their logo. The most used colours include Blue, Black, Grey, Red, Silver, Yellow and Gold.


Irrespective Views to Different Types of Brand Logo:

A brand logo is considered as one of the best investments in any business because a brand logo is a key that builds a perception in the customer’s mind. It plays an important role in building a brand’s reputation and trust.


Turnaround Time: 7 to 10 Days

Charge : $150 -$550

Concept: Unlimited by Sr. Designers

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