Logo In Hours LLC registered in the State of Texas to serve the nationwide business owners. The prime corporate goal is to custom create a professional logo design that narrates your stories, showcase your services and products, and resonate your values to your audience. Through our designs, we strive to help you position your brand as the leader in your chosen niche and industry. To do this, we strictly follow a vigorous method that enables us to deliver the highest standard of service required by our clients.

Houston logo designer Now Serving Nation Wide Start-Ups & Local Businesses

We help businesses with their branding and logo designing needs. If you are looking for a professional logo designer who can create custom logo designs based on your branding guidelines and requirements, Logo In Hours offers high-quality, creative, and affordable logo design solutions aimed to increase your customer base and maximize your profits.


There can be a different process to create a graphic logo. Normally, every graphic designer takes different steps to designing a graphic logo. However, we want to update our logo design process. We always start our designing process by understanding the Brand. It is always important to understand the client brand.

We design the logo according to the service providing by our client. For custom logo design, we will have to clearly understand the client brand to give first impression good to customers.

Just relax after your shared logo vision by email or over the phone, your custom logo will be ready within a couple of hours.

At the stage of the logo design process, we examine Industry. After understanding the brand, our logo designers examine the industry. Graphic designers search for similar competitor’s industries and understand their logo.

We know that they always use a custom logo for their business. However, we see what type of logo they are using. This gives us to generate the concept for clients custom logo that we need to design. Industry-wise concepts and colours differ.  Once we research all the information which needs to be used in designing designers custom logo. It helps us to design a more accurate logo for the client’s business. Now the next step.

Online service from real logo designer for designing a custom logo based on your logo story.

It is mind mapping for different styles of logo. At this stage, we have to complete information about the brand to create a graphic logo. In this part, we start brainstorming for designing the custom logo. You must design a rough design of the logo in the sketch.  Select different keywords that will be used in a custom logo. Logo Design Houston team always sketch different designs of a logo which later on will give a final touch.

Now we move forward for designing the custom logo on graphic software. We already have a different rough design of your logo. We develop the concept and provide you with a number of custom-designed logos.

Its time that you take the best design of your logo and start creating on software. In this part, you can check for the colours and font styles for the logo. Select anyone from the custom-designed logo. At this process designing a custom logo will proceed to the final phase.

Best logo designer from Houston will design your logo.

We love to get feedback on designers custom Logo. Here comes an interesting part, to get feedback on the design of your logo. It is obvious for every graphic designer that he/she approves his/her design. We recommend that you must check all issues related to your business while selecting the custom logo that we have designed for your business.

Houston Logo Design Service

We are an experienced and qualified logo and graphic designer in Houston. Our goal has always been to offer the best quality of logos thus exceed the expectations of our clients. Our services are not only reliable but also efficient. We are among the best graphic designers globally and are located in Houston. Now let’s look at how we make our eye-catching logos. Small business logo or corporate logo design, we are always a reliable service provider here in Houston and for nationwide.

In designing Logo, we start with an assessment of the brand

Our first aim is to comprehend what the brand embodies and what the organization’s goals are. There’s no one-size-fits-all logo design; the Houston logo design service LOGO IN HOURS is only effective and efficient where the aim of the brand has been understood. Where clients have no clue of what they want it’s our work to draw out the information. Most of our clients come making construction logos, real estate logos, photography logos, moving company logo. We also often inquiry for creative free logo design or hair logo to design with a free logo maker. 

Nevertheless, when clients give us all information, we still dig deep on how the clients feel about the work to come up with a logo with the perfect logo colours. Before we begin working on the logo, we usually ask our clients to speak their minds so that we can have a picture of what they need.

Research for the best logo

 At Houston Logo Design Service, we research to know where best in your company should the logo be used. The graphic design software we’ll use, color model, and shape depends on where the logo is needed. We also check the surroundings to determine the shape and fitness of the logo. We can make different versions of the same logo that are suitable to be used in place of another.

Creative and Unique LOGO

No Deposits. Unlimited Revisions. Professional Houston Custom Logo Design Service.

We analyse the Industry the start designing

We explore what kind of custom logo designs are used by leading companies as well as competitors. We also look at the other logos in your company that may be overused, what logos work best for you, and what kind of customers dominate your company. At the industry discovery phase, we also check what is the most outstanding strategy in your company.

We sketch a variety of logo abstractions.

We usually have a few pictures and ideas of logos needed thus we shift into the logo design software. To have the best logo we do sketching of various logo designs since it’s cheap and fast. When we are satisfied with the sketched logo that meets the expectations of the clients we then add a few variations.

Colour for logo

We design digital drafts in vector software


At this stage we usually know how the final logo will look like. In the graphic design software we usually recreate about 3 of our best sketches. At this point the final logo begins to take shape. After having a solid draft then we showcase the logo to the client.

We clarify your logo design with response

At this stage if the clients need some changes we usually work on them. We usually ask to follow up questions to know where best we should rectify.

We prepare and furnish the final logo files

 At this point the logo design has been finalized and it’s time to deliver it to our clients. We also inform our clients of the fonts used in case they need them for future reference.


Our services offer total worth and we are considerate in our pricing. Our company which is located in Houston is reliable and no deposits are made till the work has been completed. We are honest with our clients thus no hidden charges.



Our logo idea is the best since it’s eye-catching to most people and it outshines other logos.

Start-Up Pricing

100% custom logo design. Original concepts. Unlimited design revisions until you are 100% satisfied. Fast direct support (via) phone/chat/email. No hidden costs or surprises (all costs upfront). Free lifetime file storage & access to files. Full ownership rights of your logo design upon completion. Final design sent via email in multiple file formats – as require


90  to $150 / Turnaround Time- 1-2 days

No of Logo Concept- 3 to 5

Corporate Logo Pricing


All features come here as well as a start-up.  100% custom logo design. Original concepts. Unlimited design revisions until you are 100% satisfied.  No hidden costs or surprises (all costs upfront). Free lifetime file storage & access to files. Full ownership rights of your logo design upon completion. Final design sent via email in multiple file formats – as require


$250  to $500/ Turnaround Time: 5 days

No of Logo Concepts- 7 to 10


When your business uses our logo design it’s able to penetrate well in the market without any competition thus you win with ease.

If you are tired of not making progress worry no more. Give us a call for a consultation and we promise you a greater impact will be seen in your business later on. You can also visit us in your offices in Houston.