Wordclass Brand Logo Ideas


Logo Design can be difficult and confusing at times. You may ask a number of experts of this field and you’ll get to know the difference between logos having both words with images and those having images only. “Which one is more effective out of the two?”, This question will surely add to your knowledge. But it’s still no less than a complication to identify whether your logo must be totally image-based or it should include some words.

As far as the bigger brands in the market are concerned, one may say that images are more effective. You may get the examples of Nike and Apple for this purpose. But is it fine for you to add images only in your logo as a beginner? Well, this looks more like a question answer session. Let’s see the other side of the story and get the answers now.

Take a look at the logo of Mastercard which was made back in 2016 for the very first time. At that time, the logo constituted words with images. The words they choose were at the front. With the passage of time, they realized and got to know the pros and cons of it, and they ended up moving those words from the front to the bottom. The image they’ve added is a combination of two circles that are overlapping just like a Venn Diagram. That’s enough to explain the importance of Logos with images.

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